Mood Board Monday: Dark Home Exteriors.

Dark home exterior facade is no facade with us.

Maybe not for the white picket fence crowd but we love the look.

You may think that this is just a trend.

A passing fad.

However dark home exteriors have been around since Nathaniel Hawthorne and Colonial America.

Yes, folks it is as timeless as the Pilgrims.  In fact, there are some amazingly rich colors that most people have ignored for their homes. But watch out, dark home exteriors are SO going to be on the 2018 horizon.

In fact, when we look at the trends for 2018, rich, deep colors are going to be flooding the market for both interiors and exteriors.  There is a depth and moodiness that exists when you look at these homes.  You know you’ll stand out in a crowd.

While everyone is working on neutralizing their spaces with white and grey exteriors, take your home in a different direction, and channel the thirteen colonies.  If you’re looking for ways to get moody in your home, or update a space, check out this blog post about some bitchin’ kitchen countertops (we are BIG soapstone fans) and find out what would be best for you here

And if you are really interested in reviving timeless traditions, here’s a great one for you to check out.

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