Coworking Space Design

What is coworking, you ask? Great question.

Coworking refers to shared office environments. The first coworking space opened in San francisco in 2005. It sat mostly empty at first because no one had ever heard of a “coworking space” before. Today it is a global movement.

Why do a couple of interior designers want to talk about coworking?

Another great question.

In fact, here at Impeccable Nest, we recognized this hot trend back in 2017 when we blogged about The Wing. We fell instantly in love. Not solely for the concept, which is an awesome coworking environment by women and for women only. But we were beyond excited about the wisdom about using design, beauty and coolness for their work spaces. Every stylish detail considered and done.

You could say the success of this new workspace concept was the interior. What usually comes to mind when people think of office space, is the drab carpet, gray dingy walls, horrible lighting, and uninspiring art, if there is anything on the walls at all. Completely uninspiring spaces because those things, art, color, aesthetics, don’t boost the bottom line. In short, most businesses don’t want to waste their money on the “look and feel” of an office. All you need are the essentials, desks, chairs, and internet.

So why did the start up coworking offices embrace interior design in a really big way?

The simple explanation is that they believed that by creating interiors that inspire, it actually helped people to get things done. You know be more productive and innovative. Do better work. Something we truly believe.

Yup, design can make you hustle.

Thought that would grab your attention. For sure, coworking spaces allow entrepreneurs and those that work from home the opportunity to save on office space rent and enjoy a community instead of working in isolation. Say nothing of those that offer services, like lounges, cafés, child care. What gets us amped up about this new way to do business, are the workspaces that offer not only function, but style. So many of the clients that are flocking to coworking spaces started out working in homes or coffee shops, so they want to keep that inspiring, comfortable, stylish feeling.

Here are some of our favorite coworking spaces that are BIG on style:

Now these are some spaces we could see ourselves in…looking to get started and create an interior that inspires? Look here

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