Clothes pin pendant

We saw this very clever lighting pendant in a laundry room recently.
We thought why not.
Let’s make it.

All you need is a wire basket. Some wood clothes pins.
We found a copper wire trash can.

You could stain, paint all or some of the clothes pins depending on the look you wanted to achieve.
Let your creative juices take you to where ever you want. I mean a laundry room is a place to loosen up and have fun.

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Clothes Pin Pendant 2

This project was done on a very gloomy rainy day and it was perfect kid friendly way to pass the time. We love it when this happens.

Clothes Pin Pendant 4

You’ll have to cut an opening in the bottom of the basket to fit your pendant bulb kit that choose. But that was pretty easy peasy.

Clothes Pin Pendant 5

You are going to love the results.
Pretty clever and fun.
If your kids helped, just think how proud they will be when they see it up in your home.
That’s impeccable.

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