Chic Coats for under $200

We hate coats!

Now that we have that off our chest…We live in New England now, so a coat is necessary. Ok, required to survive the winter months. Instead of pulling the blankets over our heads and being pouty about the cold, we have decided to embrace the cold and try to look chic, while we tough it out.

Chic Coats for under $200

Move over puffer coat, we’ve got some super chic wool coats to join you this season.

Plaid is always perfect for fall. How about this one or this one? Not sure plaid is for you? How about this, this or this one? Looking for something hip and trendy? Check this one out. If you need to add a new puffer coat to your wardrobe, this quilted one or this or this one, are all pretty chic too.

There is just no reason to be left out in the cold this winter, if we’re being totally chic.


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