Celebrating our Design Hubby as he Turns 39!

It’s another year Design Hubby and we have to say, you are getting better with age.

Not that you look a day over 45. Seriously, you keep as all happy, excited, joyful, and anxiously waiting for the next big thing. Oh yeah, like the BIG 4-0 next year. But together we live each and every day to it’s fullest so it doesn’t really matter what tomorrow brings because today is perfect with you, our dear design hubby.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, we could not have done this, Impeccable Nest, with your support and cheerleading…and it really helps to have your brawn too.

Sorry not sorry.

Just keeping it real…we aren’t really good with the mushy stuff, but we love you and truly do appreciate you.  That said, let us say what we can’t always say in words, with pictures.

Here’s to you and what we love about you. Happy Birthday!


Here’s some of our favorite throwbacks to celebrating our design hubby…check this one out or this 


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