Call us Mrs. Maisel, darling.

We are big fans of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel…anyone else out there?

Mrs. Maisel
Mrs. Maisel Courtesy of Amazon

It’s not just for laughs…nor for it’s smart lines and plot. Rather, it’s the eye candy too, and Midge is totally driving us mad for swing coats, and shirt dresses. If you’ve seen us on the insta lately, you’ll notice we’ve given major love to the iconic shirtdress, and to be honest, it’s making us feel a little Maisel like.

And we aren’t hating it.

Why? Well, it’s all part of the grand plan, really. Or the “grand millenial” plan these days. Have you heard about it? Grand Millenial? Don’t worry, we will get you all caught up soon, but if you’re having Mrs. Maisel vibes you’ll fit right in with us.

So what’s the Mrs. Maisel look?

Well, it’s quite lady like really. However, if you aren’t feeling that put together? Throw on a giant swing coat, and slap on some lipstick and you’ll feel majorly pulled together…much like we do. We like this look with sneakers though…we can’t possibly go complete 50s/60s throwback without our own personal take on things.

The life that has been breathed into this comedy from a design standpoint is right on brand with us: colorful, playful, and full of pattern. Bold, tailored and yet full of personality and whimsey. That’s what we love to see in our rooms, AND on our TV screens.

Now, here’s how we like to style it:

Mrs. Maisel

Time to finish binge watching Mrs. Maisel, and plan out my future outfits. To get us started, these always zhush up every outfit…no matter what.

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