California girls at heart

As Native Californians, yes chuckle, chuckle, we do talk just like the SNL skit,
we are often asked, “why in the heck did you move here from there?
Well, the answer gets tougher and tougher every winter
but it is crystal clear every September.
It is Fall.
The reason is Fall.
Californian does not have this season like New England.
Yes, it is always 70 degrees
every. single. day.
And lord how I hate to wear coats AND socks…
but Fall in New England is something everyone should experience.

Now California will always be home
but New England in Autumn holds a special place in our hearts now.
Go out and enjoy.
Apple picking, pumpkin farms, harvest festivals, have a picnic in the Autumn sun, collect leaves, antiquing, bundle in sweaters, roast marshmallows, hike, and just enjoy that wondrous changing foliage.
Simple bliss.

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But remember Winter is coming!

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