Bathroom Update with a Cabinet Skirt

This bathroom update might bring back the cabinet skirt in a way.

Yes. It’s that country curtain under farmhouse kitchen sinks. It’s not a look we would normally go for, yet, in the right setting with all the right accents, it can be a good thing.

Cabinet Skirt
kitchen design by Natalie Haegeman Interiors

Here are some other cabinet skirt design on Pinterest that we like.

Kitchen Cabinet Curtain
Kitchen Cabinet Curtain
Kitchen Cabinet Curtain
Kitchen Cabinet Curtain

Seriously, we have not lost our minds. Let us explain why we are even considering doing this. In fact, after we explain, it just might be an option that you might consider for a problem area in your home where you just don’t quite have it in the budget to do what you REALLY want to do. This sweet kitschy project just might be the solution.

We have no plans to do this in our kitchen. That just would not be the “right” look for our home. Although, we do have a bathroom that needs a bit of a refresh upstairs and we just don’t have it in the budget to gut it and start from scratch. So working with what we have we will need to improve the cabinets because the they don’t hang well at all. We had considered just taking off the doors and leaving them open all together. With three small children using this bathroom, it would look like a mess every single day. That would be a NO.

Then this cabinet curtain idea came to us because we had just pitched the idea to a client. We removed the front door panels of a vintage armoire for their nursery. It was just the custom sweet look we were looking for to refresh this old piece of furniture. So maybe this was also what we could do in our bathroom too!

Things we can’t change:

Black plank floor


Granite counters (black and cream color)

Black Framed Mirror

Iron Lantern Lights

Sinks and Tub

Things we can change:

Sink Faucets and Shower Head

Shower Curtain



Revamp cabinets to add Black and White gingham cabinet curtain

Blank and White Buffalo wallpaper

Blue and white vintage chinoiserie containers


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