Impeccable FIXER+UPPER: A fixer upper for Impeccable Nest

Ever wanted to buy a fixer upper?

We bought a fixer upper!

We did.  And we are SO COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY EXCITED!  Yes, this beauty is all ours!  And we couldn’t be happier to leave our Impeccable Nest touch on this fixer upper.

Here’s what’s inside:

Don’t worry, we have a plan.  In fact, we plan on sharing all the details with you on the blog, so you’ll definitely want to follow along.

Demolition Day One: GUT KITCHEN.

Too make this small cramped kitchen feel open and light, we are opening wall between both living room and dining room. This new floor plan will make for an amazing home for entertaining.  We totally see it open, airy and light.  In our heads, we’ve got the perfect lighting scheme, paint colors selected and some white quartz countertops added to make it sleek, and clean.

94f053 868f2d211a20472f982ef0c4bef0dabcWe can’t wait to take down some walls.  And get the design hubby in on the action….this is so e x c i t i n g !

Impeccable Nest buys a fixer upper.
We definitely channeled our inner Joanna and Chip Gaines today on our fixer upper by taking out some walls and cabinets. It was so much fun. Doesn’t it make a HUGE difference?
Impeccable Nest buys a fixer upper
Lovely…how many different surfaces do you see?
Impeccable Nest buys a fixer upper
These cabinets were in there real good.
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Yep, we took out everything including the kitchen sink.

Here’s a video of us taking on the fixer upper over the first few days, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

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