Building on Hope: THE BIG REVEAL

Wow, what a weekend….

Honestly, what an amazing, exhausting, emotional week. Building on Hope is a truly inspirational experience. I can’t believe what we accomplished in just one week.
This project has been declared Miracle on Beech Street.

For sure, it is.

Sunday was the big reveal. It brings such hope for the world when you see people reaching out to people. No matter the color, the culture, religion, social status..whatever, doing the right thing. Beautiful. It is what gives our time here purpose.

MPAL should be the blueprint for inner city stress and revitalization. We must allow the police to become part of the community they serve.

It cannot be us against them.  We need peace officers.

Impeccable Nest hopes our facelift to the boxing/exercise area gives the police and local youths a place that builds character and inspiration. Enjoy!  It is a testament to the mission, “many hands make light work.”

Go to to learn more about this community center.

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So proud to have shared this experience with our friends, family, and our community.
Thank you Building on Hope and the Manchester Police Department for showing us how to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

To Michael Briggs and all of our fallen officers, may this be your legacy.
You were brave. You served us well. We are proud.
Thank you.


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