Brimfield or Bust

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, Brimfield Antique Show was canceled this year. We miss it and we know you do too. So we thought we would bring you a post from when we took August (only one month old)…yes, we’re crazy and that’s how much we love to go. Enjoy!

We were so worried August wouldn’t have been born in time to get to Brimfield.
So yay for us.
He made it to his first Brimfield, America’s best, oldest, most overwhelming flea market.
Only 3 times a year, this was the opening season for 2017.
It shouldn’t be missed.
If you did.
It will be held again in July and September.

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Or just let us take you there as you scroll through.
Grab a napkin though, cuz we found some drool worthy finds.

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First things first…get your Brimfield famous Pilgrim sandwich before the line is way too long at lunch time.You’ll be ready to pop a squat in whatever aisle you find yourself when you need a bit of a nosh to keep your energy going strong. This flea market is not for the weak. You need to be charged with “go big or go home” to make it worth while.

Man oh man! Did we score!
Or rather did a few lucky clients score big time.

We see a few gallery walls getting just the perfect addition.

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Look at some of these one of a kind pieces that will give any design the total focus. You can’t find this in any department store. These are jaw dropping, where did you find that moments.

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Is Pottery Barn your go to for home decor?
Ditch it and get the real deal objets de art.
Here are some items that will make your home stand out from the mass produced.

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Are you a HGTV Fixerupper junkie?
We know where and how to get your fix.
Joanna Gaines would be so thrilled by our haul.

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Yup. It is all here.
We found all the great trending fabrics and textiles to give our designs that hip bohemian vibe.




We can’t wait to see how this mud cloth transforms an old traditional ottoman we have had in our basement. So excited to get creating!



We are getting their picker eye ready early. We all loved these baskets so much we wanted to gobble up the whole table.



This is how we roll. Crazy perfect day.
This is how we make our designs one of a kind, unique.
We will be back to Brimfield in September.
What should we pick up for you?

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