Brass is bringing sexy back.

Not sure what rock you have been under to miss this news flash.. But brass is back in a big way.

Hold on, though, don’t freak out. It isn’t the dreadful yellow shiny stuff we all have been working hard to replace in our homes. Yes, cool your jets – the look we all hate is NOT coming back.

But listen up sista, brass is bringing sexy back, but with a different kind of finish. This brass is mellow, aged, brushed. It has a warm finish. It’s not just a trend either. When done right, it is going to be a classic. Just like Mr. JT, himself. Seriously.

Yet just like you we were timid with the trend.

I mean, we have spent so much time trash talking brass fixtures.

But then we saw this beauty. Hooked, I tell you.

We had to use it in a project.

Screen Shot 2017 06 12 At 5.26.53 Pm

Now whoa cowboy. Don’t just run out and get all new brass fixtures. It can be a bit tricky finding the right one. You may find a finish called one thing at one company and think you can use that same description at another and get the same look. No way my friend. And don’t go by the catalog either. You gotta see the real deal before you hop on this bandwagon.

For instance. We absolutely LOVED this unlacquered bridge mount brass faucet from Waterworks. Yet we really wanted a pull down faucet. We found one from Newport Brass that we loved but the unlacquered finish just wasn’t what we saw from Waterworks. Good thing was they had many brass finishes to choose from. The bad thing was they had so many brass finishes to choose from.

Don’t worry if you can’t see these very well. It doesn’t help. All you need to know is that there are many many brass finishes and you HAVE to get a sample to make the right choice for you.

Final word on brass. Don’t be afraid.  It could be the best decision you ever made.

We can’t wait to install this beauty in our kitchen project. The warm glow of the brass next to the dark earthy soapstone that we plan to use…we are in love.

Img 2882


So yes, get rid of your terrible yellow shiny brass. It ain’t making a comeback. While your at it, go ahead and throw out those shoulder pads, they’re not coming back either.

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