Botanical Beauty and Old World Charm

It’s another…MOOD BOARD MONDAY!!! And it’s a Botanical Beauty.


Mood Board Monday

Recently we met with a new client who was dreaming about botanical prints and all things green and lovely, so we quickly got to work.  How would we incorporate these leafy greens into a French inspired home?

Should we go the way of the Jungalow, Justina Blakeney?  Check her out and her bitchin’ style here


While we do love her eclectic style, this house needs cooler, less saturated color and a more tonal color palate.  The home is also doused in Old World Charm through its beautiful architectural details and rich wood mouldings.  So, how to marry the two worlds?

We are going to take a page out of Brooke and Steve Gianneti’s book at Patina Farm…there is no lack of inspiration to be found at their home.  In fact, take a look at her blog, velvet and linen for inspiration.  Brooke and Steve are inspired and often start their projects with Belgian and Swedish antiques, and let them drive the design.   Their love of European antiques and architecture, mixed with their love of their farm would be perfect for this beautiful home.

Patina Farm

Yes…this is the look we are going for…bleached woods, warm parchment walls, leafy greens, lemon yellows, pale turquoise, and warm woods all create the interior that European dreams are made of…in America.

Isn’t their home dreamy?

Even Anthropologie did a photo shoot there:

Patina Farm


In fact, this photoshoot is what is driving our design.  Perfectly old world, and perfectly modern mixed with all of the great elements mentioned above.  Here’s some of our picks for the space:

Lotus Beautiful, tonal wallpaper, and a perfect color scheme:

Ahhhh…perfection.  A touch of nature, and a elevated elegance.  We have also been on the hunt for the perfect antique pieces to put into this great place, but more on those later.  In the meantime, let’s hunt for trees and leafy greens to put into the space!

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