Books, architecture, an award winning library in New Hamphire.

As designers we love books.

They provide texture, color, character- a sense of warmth to a space. That said, libraries are perfection to sit, read – be inspired.

Did you know…New Hampshire is home to the largest secondary school library in the world. The Phillips Exeter Academy Library in Exeter, New Hampshire commissioned architect Louis Kahn in 1965 to construct a library with contemporary design.

It. is. stunning.

In 1997 the library received the Twenty five Year Award from America Institute of Architects. This award is given to one building each year. Kahn structured the library in three concentric square rings. The outer ring, which is built of load bearing brick includes all four extrior walls. The middle ring contains the heavy book stacks and the inner ring is the atrium. Mr. Kahn doesn’t like to describe his work as a building, instead he likes ruin…”ageless atmosphere of ruins.”

Not sure what your summer plans are but you should probably schedule a tour. This is a remarkable piece of architecture right here in New Hampshire. It’s no wonder those kids are so smart. Just walking in those doors you can just drink in all that wisdom…impossible not to be inspired.

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