Beyond pumpkin spice,here are some things we’re crushing on.


Sure, we love pumpkin spice. Or at least one of us does. (can you guess who?).

But…We love Fall because all the new trends come alive. Summer is summer. All you need is sunshine and flip flops. But Fall? There are so many new ideas and looks to try on.

Who doesn’t like a closet refresh?  I mean, heck!  The design hubby even likes to add a little more zip to his wardrobe in the fall season.

Besides, flip flops don’t exactly work as year long footwear for us in New Hampshire.  And it seems as though trends these days are dancing between large florals and decorated military wear. And we are so on board…that’s the right kind of juxtaposition that we love.

Here are a few of our Fall crushes:

  1. Floral BootiesBeyond pumpkin spice,here are some things we're crushing on.
  2. Velvet anything..especially THIS jacketBeyond pumpkin spice,here are some things we're crushing on.
  3. Bangs

  4. Deep-wined stained lipsBeyond pumpkin spice,here are some things we're crushing on.

Now what are you going to try?  Emma has already bought into the bang and wine stained lip trend…

In fact, we saw a really great military jacket from Zara and Free People that we totally want for the season.  Paired with these bitchin’ heeled boots, we are totes ready to kick it this Fall and Winter, in style.

Shop the look here:

That's Impeccable!

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