Mood Board Monday: Beverly Hills Glam

Who represents Beverly Hills Glam better than…

Mood Board Monday: Beverly Hills Glam

The Kardashians!  Well, maybe a few Housewives…

But seriously, take a look at their bitchin’ interiors.  And they’ve given shout outs to their designer too.  As we know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor were the Kardashians.  But one thing is for sure, their interior design is going to be timeless.  Black and white, tone on tone, they get an A+ with their homes.  A wonderful display of the elements and principals of interior design are all represented in their homes.  Take a look, even Architectural Digest recognizes these beauties.

Images: Rogers Davies

And who is the virtuoso behind their amazing interiors?  Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  Renowned for his broad range of styles and eclectic, yet sophisticated and inviting interiors. Martyn has been consistently named as one of the world’s top 100 interior designers.  You may have seen him on Million Dollar Decorators too!

Mood Board Monday: Beverly Hills Glam

Martyn has several books available and they are inspiring and beautiful: Design & Decoration, Live, Love, Decorate.

So…how can you get the Beverly Hills Glam look?

Look no further, we are breaking it down for you…

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  1.  Statement Art:

  2. Again, got to get some amazing lighting:

  3. Go sleek and classic with your furnishings:

  4. The token accessories:

  5. And why not add some beautiful greenery in?

We are in love with this look…and love sharing our favorite finds with you all.  And if this look doesn’t work out for you, check this one out.

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