Best Nursery Ever…elegant and playful.

What do you say when a super sweet woman asks you to design the nursery for her first child?

You say “heck yes!”  And design the heck out of it!

Our client asked for a nursery that was elegant and playful.  We have been so fortunate to get this sweet couple started on a design for their entire house a few years ago, so designing the nursery?  We were on it (plus, we know their style…)

The entire house is painted shades of purple, with grey accents throughout.  Their style?  Transitional.  So, keeping up with the current trends, and also staying with the clients wishes were número uno on our list.

Playful.  Elegant.  Where to get started?

Well, we knew that we needed something bold, but something that would age well with the child, so we chose this amazing wallpaper.  Yes, we finally found a reason to use this BEYOND amazing Schumacher wallpaper, and we were super excited.  Then we had to figure out what the room needed, and how we were going to make all of the selections.  The client is super chill, and gave us carte blanche to make every selection, and every purchase.  In fact, it’s a dream to have that kind of design autonomy, but a little intimidating too.  We may have had the wallpaper selected, but we were a bit fearful to pull the trigger on the rest of the design.

That is until…a trip to Home Goods.

Yes, Home Goods.

Typically we play a game when we are at Home Goods called “create a room design using this aisle.”  (Such a creative name…right?)  You can even catch us doing this on our insta-stories if you’re interested, they’re a hoot! Well, we came across these great animal prints for a while, and we’ve really wanted to design a room around them.  I mean, they’re perfect…right?  Nothing beats a room that has the perfect combination of high and low end (ikea and flea market finds) items that just work so well together.

Next up, a custom glider (newly reupholstered in custom fabrics), a daybed, and other accessories, and WE KNOW that we nailed it.  In fact, we were just at the clients house today and she said “it’s just like my Pinterest boards, but with your spin!  It’s so much better!”  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Elegant.  Playful.

We think this fits the description, although we are calling it, “Chic Safari”.



So how do we answer the question of designing a beautiful nursery for a super sweet woman? Well, we say Schumacher Zebras and Juju hat. Et voilá, it’s the best nursery ever!

Get this look for your own bambino right here. Also if you want more nursery inspo, check out this nursery tribute to the Queen Bee herself.

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