HGTV Best House on the Block: This could be us!

Time to check the TV Guide…

Have you seen the new HGTV interior design show: Best House on the Block? It stars one of our interior design heroes, Lauren Liess. We met Lauren Liess at High Point Market for her Habitat book signing. We knew not only her style was so inline with our own aesthetic, but we would be instant social media besties. On so many levels this woman was simpatico. Or at least what we aspire to be. Besides her hip way of doing vintage modern interiors, she has four children (and just had her fifth!) and at the time I was pregnant with my first (now three children) with hopes and dreams of raising four. This woman is a designer wonder woman to us!

Not surprising to us that she was asked to host an HGTV show…one of our goals (see?  Simpatico)

We have great taste!

Lauren Liess Best House on the Block HGTV

Lauren, we are totes psyched for you and your growing family. We are sure it will be a hit, but you have us thinking…maybe we should float our own idea?

Okay, we have this total image of what we would do if we were to get our own HGTV interior design show…are you ready?

Dear HGTV (or Bravo because…housewives?),

We are the perfect peeps for your next home renovation show/reality show, and we even have the name for you:


Why Birds of Paradis?  Well, we are a mother-daughter interior design firm based in Bedford, NH (and guess what, you don’t have any New England-based renovation shows!), living in a multi-generation home which inspired our name: Impeccable Nest.

We are so taken with the idea of nests and birds, I chose to give each of my children bird middle names.  We have Prudence Sparrow, Odette Starling, and August Wren.  AND our last name is Paradis, hence the name: Birds of Paradis.

Now, why do we need to have a show:

  1. We are a hoot. All of us work together, live together, and design together (even the littlest ones pride themselves on their design skills).
  2. We bring a different aesthetic to our designs: We are from Southern California and live in New Hampshire. Cool and laid back versus traditional and proper.
  3. It’s a mother-daughter dynamic. What’s better than that?
  4. We all live together in one happy home!  Four generations..yes.  FOUR.
  5. It’s the birds of paradis and impeccable nest…it’s parfait for the course!

I don’t think you need anymore reason than that, check out our portfolio for more of our work…it’s impeccable. For more about our crazy lifestyle check out this blog interview.

Best, Your Impeccable Nest Team

See? Lauren, we could be social media besties, and home renovation besties on the same network. Either way, your work totally inspires us, and we don’t know how you do it all because it is certainly crazy balancing all of this and staying cool.


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