Best Home For Sale in Bedford, NH

You know we love home design, but did you know we spend lots of time perusing listings, looking for the best deal? A deal to us, is the home with the most potential, a real diamond in the rough. One that is OK, so-so,but it could totally be your dream home.

Are you looking for the house of your dreams, on an amazing street in Bedford, NH? Well, look no further…we have found the best home for sale. Again, it’s the potential that makes it the best.

Most of the time people are looking for a turn-key home. In our community, we definitely hear that from people. However, with a little imagination (from your favorite design duo), some gumption and the ability to do some renovations, this house could be the next million dollar home on this block.


We love a project, and that should come as no surprise to you that have been following us. Remember this fixer upper we renovated? We sure do. Remember what it looked like post renovation? We definitely do, and so does the new homeowner who is in LOVE with her home. (We still keep in touch!)

This house could use some modern updates, maybe some exterior zhushing, however it is on a dream street in the Bedford, NH community. And if you are ready to take the leap into homeownership, we would love to help you see your vision and family in this home.

Hey realtors

Call us if you need anything to help this great home. Let us be a resource to you. Ways we can help:

  • We love to stage homes. As realtors, you know how staging can help a home get top dollar.
  • Walking through a space to help a client visualize their style in your listing – to see potential.
  • Create floor plans to show how spaces could be best utilized to create a welcoming home and their lifestyle.
  • We would love to add a consultation to your closing gift.

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