Let’s Clean! The best advice for a clean home

Anyone else dreaming of a clean home?

Is anyone else obsessed with the organizing wizards on instagram?  Just us?  We didn’t think so.  We’ve been watching these gurus for months, and have slowly implemented their magic ways in our new house.  It works.  I’ve been ready for organizational systems and change, but it’s been so hard to get started.

I mean, cleaning everything out, and getting organized sometimes feel like a pipe dream.  However, here’s what we have learned:

  1. Start small.  Maybe start with a drawer.
  2. Make it an everyday affair.  I mean, I’ve started to clean the trash out of my car every single day.
  3. Have a routine.  Whether it’s a reset day, or schedule…make it a routine.

Speaking of routines…

We often get asked: What are your favorite gadgets for the home?  People are really impressed with how we keep some of things clean.  Especially since we have 3 little kids running around…all.  day.  long.

Clean Home

Well, there are 5 things we swear by.  And I mean, swear by.  In fact, they’re part of our routine.

  1. We keep our upholstery clean.  Yep, we are constantly working on removing the stains and fingerprints (from kids big and small) from our furniture using the following products:
    1. This cleaner.  We like to add a capful to our upholstery vacuum.
    2. This Bissell upholstery vacuum. This works like magic.  We use it on all those spots on our chairs, sofas, cushions, what have you…our recommendation is to use it on the entire cushion, arm, or area your are cleaning to avoid watermarks.  Otherwise, it doesn’t clean as even.  Basically, you’ll want to do this monthly, or weekly depending on how messy you or your friends are.  But trust us, you’re furniture will still be looking new for years.
    3. And a de-fuzzer.  Sometimes furniture pills…and it looks terrible.  So, shave those pills off, just like you would a sweater.  Do this monthly.
  2. These are a game changer.  We will just say you’re welcome.  Your rugs won’t go anywhere you don’t want them to go anymore.
  3. Our favorite stick vac.  This dyson is just amazing.  You will definitely want to add this to your arsenal.

These are some of our FAVORITE things to keep your home looking tidy, maintained, and new.  Now, let’s all binge watch some Tidying up with Marie Kondo and purge our closets.

Clean Home


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