Bespoke kitchen all from Amazon

Let’s design a bespoke kitchen from only items we can find from Amazon.

Its not because we think Amazon is the best place to shop for home renovations and decor. It’s simply because you can find lots of most everything on Amazon and well, we love a challenge.

And to make even harder on ourselves, we decided not just any kitchen would do. No , we decided to use a Devol kitchen as our bespoke kitchen inspiration. Devol kitchens are simple, classic, English kitchens that are in a word, beautiful. Amazon does not come to mind when you think handmade or for one-of-a-kind items. This is a challenge.

bespoke Devol kitchen

If we succeed, you will have the makings of a beautiful kitchen at a very affordable price tag.

Let’s take a look at what we found:

  1. This, this and this are such great elements to add to your kitchen to give you that English cottage vibe. Soft lines, and the handmade nature really add some texture to the hard lines of a kitchen.
  2. Vintage prints? Think outside the box! Art isn’s just limited to walls anymore. Adding a beautiful print to your open shelves creates more dimension and layers to add to a beautiful space. And if that’s not enough, have you seen our post about artwork?
  3. Kitchen islands…they aren’t just limited to that label. We’ve found some really great ones by looking at console tables, commercial kitchen islands (yes, a full steel island). Make it a real piece of furniture, not a made for kitchen piece.
  4. Mixing your metals. Copper, matte black, brass…all of them! Give your space a “collected over time” look.
  5. Add marble and wood to your space though great cutting boards, and beautiful utensils. Especially when they’re collected in that gorgeous pottery we found!
  6. And if that’s too much to do on your own, give us a call…we can definitely help.

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