Live impeccably: Being Thankful

Being Thankful…

Thankful, indeed.

Before we head out to load up the car with three screaming kids, a grouchy Gpa, a couple of anxious in-laws, and the ever-patient design hubby for Thanksgiving, we want to take this time to reflect and give thanks. (I mean check out what we had to shove in the car after last Thanksgiving!)

No way, would any of this be possible without our peeps, our tribe, our community, our family. From the moment we open our eyes each morning to when we finally lay our heads at night. So many people help us get through the day. We have family helping with our children. Contractors and tradespeople bringing our visions to life. We have our mompreneurs for advice and support. Everyone at the Barre keep us healthy and sane. Friends that allow us to blow off steam and lighten us up. But mostly we have each other to push us to be our best and rally when it gets tough.  This really couldn’t be possible without each and everyone we’ve mentioned.

We are so damn thankful to be able to pursue our dream.

And to that we are thankful for each and every one of you. Happy Thanksgiving.

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