OIN: New girls bedroom and bedroom swap for Spring ORC

A bedroom swap, and new design for the girls.

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Ooops! We are doing it again…the One Room Challenge. First, what’s that? A One Room Challenge (ORC)? Here’s a little more, straight from the website:

ORC mission statement

The One Room challenge™ will provide participants with a supportive, enthusiastic forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Welcome!

The event

Beginning in 2011 with the desire to finally finish ONE room in her home, Linda had the idea to motivate herself and a small group of online friends by setting up a challenge to work along side one another with the goal of having one finished room. She titled the event One Room Challenge™, as it became evident that staying focused on one room, from start to finish, was indeed a challenge. 

Okay, so why do this to ourselves?

Good question.

We love the idea behind the ORC, and yes, finishing a room brings such a sense of accomplishment and pride. Especially when it comes to bedrooms. Oftentimes, bedrooms are the last part of a home to get the attention they deserve. And for us? That’s certainly been true.

Okay, now why the girls room?

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This was the girls bedroom, before our bedroom, and before the big swap.

Since we’ve been spending lots of time at home, we’ve seriously analyzed how we live, and which bedroom people have. We have committed to keeping our girls together in the same room because:

  1. It’s fine for kids to share bedrooms…not everyone needs their own room.
  2. We don’t have enough space for everyone to have their own bedroom either.

A bedroom swap?

So…what did we do? Well, my mom suggested that the design hubby and I take the smaller bedroom and let the girls have our room. After short consideration…that honestly was one of the best decisions. The room we had was large, and left us with a lot of real estate that wasn’t being used properly.

Img 5192
Here is the before of our bedroom (now girls room).

Therefore, my mom and I got to work. We switched rooms (and fingers crossed that our four poster, king size bed fit! It did.). And then we started the BIG changeup…our bedroom swap.

While we aren’t quite ready to share all of the details, just know, this is totally working for us now. The bedroom swap was an excellent solution to our bedroom problem. Let this be the lesson: just because the previous owners had things a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to do it the same!


Not really. But here’s where we are now:

Img 5670
This was the quick set up

All three of the kids are here, and the design hubby and I are across the hall. August will eventually move out to another space, but until then…the plan is to redesign this space as a girls room. CANNOT WAIT!

Stay tuned for next week…we are sharing our inspiration for the girls room, and update on where the design hubby and I are at with our bedroom. And if you need a little help, reach out and let’s consult!

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