Classic Beauty: Bedford Bathroom Renovation

Bedford bathroom renovation went from drab to fab!

Because what’s better than marble in a bathroom?

Not much. Well, maybe a black and why color scheme. So, here’s a great bathroom we renovated a few years ago that was made over with lots of marble, polished chrome and touches of black and white.

  1. What a week. Valentines Day, bitter cold, power outages…ugh. It’s been the longest week ever.
  2. We made this for dinner this week. It was delicious. This was definitely helpful too.
  3. How are you doing? We are desperate for some warm weather. That’s why we are dreaming of these, and buying these. Shopping our way to spring!
  4. While the snow is falling outside, we’ve been playing games inside! These new cards from our friends Pencil + Paper Co and Anthropologie are just darling. And, they’ll be perfect to take on the road!
  5. Did you know…this month we are answering our “Besties” design questions? Be sure to join, and we will sit and trouble shoot your questions too.
  6. We’ve been going through our artwork and getting it all framed. Do you use Framebridge? It’s great. At first we were hesitant, but it has been perfect for some of the smaller framing needs we have.
  7. How great is this Bedford bathroom? Here are some great pieces that could update your space right now for that spa feeling.
  8. Speaking of spas…have you used a face steamer? We haven’t either, but they’re all the rage with instagram influencers. Would you try this?
  9. Wishing all of those who are without power safety. It is difficult when power is out, water has to be boiled, below freezing temps and a pandemic. We have been donating to local shelters in Texas, wish you would too.

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