Because we said we would in 2019

It’s time to do it…because we said we would.

For sure, we have done a lot that we said we would. You know, the draining of all our 401k to start our own business. Yet, if we were completely honest, we’ve just been nibbling around the edges for the last few years and it’s time to dig in. Stop trying to figure out what others want from us and how they are doing it and take even bigger risks. Risks that involve relying on our own inspiration and believing in ourselves. Basically, stop being afraid and trying to measure up to what everyone else is doing or saying. Stop freaking out about criticism and trust us.


What has taken so long, you’re asking.

Here’s when this whole thing hit us. We aren’t religious, but we do believe in listening to messages from the universe. On New Year’s day, we went on a first day hike organized by a nearby educational farm. We aren’t the regular hiking types, although we always strive to do better in this area. Anyways, despite many very good excuses available to us to just not do it. First and primary excuse, being that it just wasn’t in our comfort area and would anyone really care if we didn’t do this. Yet one thing kept nagging at us. And it was this. But. We. Said. We. Would.

Seriously though.

We looked for so many excuses to turn back. It was supposed to be 50 degrees and it just didn’t feel that warm. Rain from the previous night made for really muddy conditions. The farm smelled of manure.  And we were not dressed appropriately. We talked about turning around and going back to the car multiple times, despite feeling really good about what we were doing. Once we were at the halfway point, we were in it. There was no turning back. We just wanted to get it done now.

We reached a small hill. A small group with a couple of dogs, friendly labs, a couple of guys chatting probably a father and his older son, and trailing behind was a young woman and a young bundled up child making there way up this hill toward us. We descended down, our group looked much like theirs, small children, a husband and us. Except no dogs with us. We greeted each other as we passed with “Happy New Year”. All was well.

Midway down the hill was a small boy. He was rather behind the group that we just passed but we were all quietly sure he was with them. We watched as design hubby passed with Prudence and Odette. When it was our turn to pass, we slowly ventured down near him, it was wet and slippery so we had to go painfully slow and August was on one of our backs. This young boy was just standing by this tree. “Are you OK?”, we asked totally prepared for yes then scampering off to meet up with his family that when we looked up were no where in sight. “I’m lost” is what he said.

Now this is going to sound bad, but this is not what we wanted to hear.

Not because this isn’t what you want to hear from a child, but because we just didn’t want to have to deal it. I mean, we just got ourselves on this hike that we really didn’t completely want to do, and now this.

Kid, we are the wrong people for this. We can barely get ourselves off of this trail back to civilization. Crap, why didn’t those other people we just passed you help you. They looked much more equipped for this. Shit (sorry for all the potty words) but we were in our real life “what would you do” episode (love that TV show BTW) except we needed John Quiñones to show up pretty quickly here.

What do we do? Wait? Don’t move? Someone will be here shortly. I mean we are out in the woods. Who forgets a four year old in the woods? Who leaves little Nate in the woods? Yes, we learned he was four. In preschool. His name was Nate. We had no last name to go on unless it really was Nathaniel like he told us. We were skeptical. Nate Nathaniel? Did not know his phone number. Could not get a reliable idea of where he lived. He wasn’t crying (thank goodness) and he seemed comfortable being with us.

After what seemed like forever, we decided we couldn’t just stand here out in the cold.

So we made our way back to the car. We were finishing this hike with our buddy Nate and figuring out once we got there. Thank goodness he liked to chat because that kept us and him from focusing on how absolutely scared we were. At least we were. Just 45 minutes ago we were all consumed with how we would get ourselves off this trail and back to safe grounds and now we were responsible to some one else too. Is this the universe telling us we should have stayed home? Probably not, but we’ll have to figure out that message once we get back to our regularly scheduled day. We had brunch plans.

Thankfully, we did make it back. We did find his family. All was well again.

Gotta tell you though.

Nate was a much better hiker than any of us. And here is what the Nate story tells us. Do what you say you would. It’s that simple. You never know whats waiting on the other end…you might have to save someone and that someone could be Nate or it could be yourself.

So 2019. We want to do what we set out to do…because…we said we would.


Because we said we would in 2019

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