Spring Cleaning: Bathroom on a Budget

You want THIS to be your bathroom:

White bathroom with brass accents. Vintage runner on the groundBy Studio McGee

White marble shower with glass door and brass hardware

By Studio McGeeWhite bathroom with glass shower door, matte black hardware and wood cabinetry. Colorful area rug in front of the vanity

Or this by Amber InteriorsWhite soaking tub in white bath with vintage cabinetry

Amber Interiors Black tiled backsplash with marble counters.

Amber Interiors Large floral wallpaper and apothecary sink

For Cupcakes and Cashmere by Amber InteriorsLarge floral wallpaper with brass pendant.

For Cupcakes and Cashmere by Amber Interiors

But you’ve got a budget.

And THIS is your current design sitch:


We know, it’s hard to do, and definitely hard to be inspired living like this.  Heck!  We are halfway through our own master bath reno, and are trying to squeak by on a budget.  But we have found some great pieces that can update your bathroom and create a new space.  I mean, bathroom renovations are tough.  They’re long.  They’re messy.  And let’s face it, they’re EXPENSIVE.

However, we’ve done some research and found some great pieces, and ideas that will give your space a modern, fresh look.  Get ready to get inspired.  Here are some amazing pieces we have found that you can afford, and put into your bathroom for a quick and (not so dirty) upgrade.  We’ve included some affiliate links that we receive a small commission on (at no additional cost), so click on…AND, check out!  Oh!  And it was all found on amazon…changing homes, one click at a time.


First up?  Cabinetry:

Paint those cabinets!  SERIOUSLY!  We’ve been trolling the facebook mom groups and so many people ask, “should I paint my cherry cabinets?” Or, “Should I paint my bathroom cabinets?”  The answer is (almost) always YES!  If you can’t afford to replace the cabinets then paint them.  We love painting the cabinets white, or go with a deep charcoal, like Wrought Iron (ooooohhhhh, such a good color!)

Next: Faucets:

Replace them!  Yes, place your orders, call your plumber and replace them…ALL!  We are big fans of the gooseneck, so swap out all of your old stuff for these:

Like matte black?  So do we:

Want to try bronze?

Or how about this for a new tub filler?  

Delta Faucet T4759-BLFL Trinsic Contemporary Floor-Mount Tub Filler Trim, Matte Black

There are some killer accessories to match too.

How about new lighting?

Here are some awesome pendants to hang above your vanity, these range in price from $59.99-$159.99.  Amazing deals!!!  We love the last one!

Or need a wall sconce?  Love the articulated wall sconce look?  Or, the barn look?  Here’s a MAJOR deal:

Now, trot off to Target and find some pretty towels, order up some fancy soaps and be on your way.  You’ll be loving your fresh bathroom in no time.  And if you don’t think you can do it?  Check out our post from last year…a Master Bathroom Renovation on a minimal budget!

And if you’re looking to commit to a bathroom renovation?  You know who to call…or look here.

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