Back to the Barre.

Pure Barre came to town a year ago June 2016.

We joined Pure Barre in July and have been going faithfully 4-5 times a week. Reached the 50 class and 100 club. We were on target to reach 250 classes by our one year anniversary when pregnancy sidelined us. And yes, I mean us. Sure, I was the only one pregnant, yet my partner/mother certainly gets couvade syndrome or “sympathetic pregnancy.”

By no means are we suggesting that you can’t do Barre during pregnancy. We’re just saying we kinda wussed out and didn’t keep up our pace during the later months of pregnancy so we are now a bit off target to reach our 250 goal by July.

So what’s our excuse now?

August Wren is 5 weeks old, and we are trying to climb out of post pregnancy fog back to the barre but man, it is hard. We have so many more excuses to add to why we just can’t do it.

Sure, we are having a hard time finding a time to go in between breastfeeding. We could go separately, although only one of us has the means to give August what he needs (food) right now and his schedule isn’t a schedule, it is on demand.

We are currently trying the whole family approach: First, fill August up close to barre time. Then find a time that offers us a third set of hands, basically when my husband is available (week nights that time is 7pm and weekends it is at 11am). Load up the car with all three kids, he drives my mother and I over, we hop out and do our “thing” and he drives around with the little ones. During the week, we get them all bathed and pj’d so the plan is to get them fast asleep before we are back from the barre. Right now, I leave my cell phone for him to call me out of barre if August just can’t make it the 60 minutes.

Last night was the first barre I’ve made it all the way through without being called to the rescue. Otherwise I have been making it to abs or almost to the last stretching.

You might say we have a lot on our hands right now, so why would we join the Pure Fuel challenge?

The short answer, because it was there and we need something to keep us plugged in to this lifestyle. Crazy hard ass logic, we know. But I guess having the support of our Pure Barre community cheers us along and gets our butts there.

Or maybe it is the public humiliation if we fail. No, no, no..not at all.  That is not the vibe at all.

This program is nothing but love and support.

What is the Pure Fuel challenge? It is 5 weeks to change your lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2017 06 06 At 10.05.21 Am

EAT: 90% REAL food each day 10% fun food.

DRINK: 64 oz of water each day.

SLEEP: 7-8 hours of sleep each night

PURE BARRE: 3-4 times each week

We started this on June 5 and it ends on July 9. Wish us luck. Or better yet, join us.

If you see a man in a suburban sitting in the parking lot with three screaming crazy kids, show him some love…he is helping us get back to the barre and back to our community.




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