Appliances we can’t live without.

Kitchen appliances should make our lives easier and look good. PERIOD.

We are in the final home stretch of our kitchen renovation and as we get ready to load up our shelves and countertops we are taking time to really think about what we will bring back in and what we have to ditch due to poor functionality and lack of design aesthetic.

Here are the top appliances we can’t live without. They work well in a grand gourmet kitchen and a small space.

Question for you. Is it too shady to sign up for a New Kitchen Renovation registry and throw ourselves a shower?

It’s been too many years since our Wedding Shower and our taste has definitely improved. We can actually cook now. Let’s start a new trend!

Dualit appliances
Dualit Toaster. Hand-assembled in England and built to last. Regarded as a design classic “symbol of the kitchen”. ICONIC
kitchen aid appliances
Kitchen Aid mixer. American made since 1919. Comes in amazing finishes, metallics, brilliant colors even a mini size. Love it in this new Matte Black.
Cuisinart appliances
Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor. We just hate lugging out the standard size food processor, but this mini is so easy and does the job.
Nespresso appliances
It seems like we are forever buying coffee machines. This Nespresso PIXIE is are fave. It is compact, modern, and heats so fast each and every time. Great cup of coffee with a finish just like your favorite coffee bar.
Cuisinart appliances
We love making soups all winter. This Cuisinart hand stick blender is super handy. Just mix right up in the pot and the clean up is easy breezy.


waring appliances
OK, Vitamix isn’t going to want to hear this but the Waring Two Speed Blender is just as high functioning and so much more affordable. Just say’in.




Let’s dare to dream a bit.

Here is a range worth committing a small crime for.

Say hello to our little friend, Cornue Fe.

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