And so it begins…our powder room renovation!

Let’s talk about our powder room…

In last week’s post, you read that we have taken our time to realize what our patterns of living are in the new house.  And trust me when I tell you, we’ve moved furniture from room to room since we moved in on June 4th.  In fact, Kim has been quoted as saying: “I have to move things 25 times before I settle in on a decision.”

Hear that?  25 times.

That has loosely translated into:

  1. Moving dressers from our detached garage, to the second floor, in and out of each bedroom, and back down to the basement.  Only to go back into the detached garage.
  2. Same for lighting.  We actually have a lot of lighting in our garage too.
  3. Art.  Hanging it in the entry.  Moving it into the sitting room.  Maybe a bedroom.  And we definitely hung a gallery wall in our powder room.

Which is what we are here to discuss…the powder room.

Sandwiched between our kitchen and “big room,” there is a narrow, but potentially charming powder room.  We’ve dressed her up with tons of art, and even blogged about our gallery wall before.  However, we knew it was all going to change.  Remember, 25 times.  Which means, everything is temporary, including everything in the smallest of spaces.

Powder Room

Well, we decided to tackle this space as our holiday present to the adults in the house. (Surprise!  Design Hubby!)  Sexy, huh?  Well, we CANNOT WAIT!  We’ve been dying to dig in and start something in this home, and the budget will allow for a teeny, tiny zhush in our powder room.  We will be using this powder room as the launching pad for the entire house’s color palette.  We couldn’t be more excited.

First, powder rooms are meant to “wow.”  They are these special little jewelry boxes in homes that you can totally create something amazing and special.  Which is why, we have decided to go with this amazing wallpaper from Milton & King.  It’s called Ornithology.  You know, to go with our bird theme.

Powder Room

Isn’t it lovely?

Since the space is relatively small, we are going to add a few brass accents (shop mirror here) (because brass is back, baby!), new sconces (shop here) , and call it a day! Oh, wait, we want to change out the faucet too.  Here’s what are planning to use:

We do have some other mirror options if we feel we have too much brass in one small space…it’s going to be a game day decision once we see the wallpaper up. Things have a way of telling you what ultimately works as you get closer to install. Flexibility is key with design. A willingness to deviate from a plan and the openness to change can often result in a better finished product. Show me a designer who has never made adjustments from the design presentation, and I’ll show you a designer that is not telling you the whole story.

Here are the other options we have discussed:

And so it begins...our powder room renovation!And so it begins...our powder room renovation!And so it begins...our powder room renovation!


If you haven’t already figured out, we love color, especially rich colors.  This wallcovering has some gorgeous tones that we can’t wait to pepper throughout the rest of the home.  Here’s the official inspiration or mood we’ve created for our #anewhorizon:

Powder Room

So many Schumachers and so little time.

And so it begins...our powder room renovation!


And so it begins...our powder room renovation!


And so it begins...our powder room renovation!


And so it begins...our powder room renovation!


Do you hear that? It’s your powder room.

They want a makeover for the New Year.

Call us…we got your back.



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