A workspace that speaks to our happy place

Ladies listen up. Here’s a workspace just for you.

There is a new women’s-only workspace and social club in New York City.
Do you need to escape “bro-centric” culture and get together with like minded members to create, motivate, and network. Men have had these for years and the suffragette sisters had their secret hideaways, but this is for the women of today.
It’s for women ready to take charge and damn proud of it.It’s called The Wing.
Now although we love the whole concept, we must confess as designers, the interior speaks to our happy place.

Impeccable Finds.1

Impeccable Finds.2

Impeccable Finds.3

Impeccable Finds.4

Impeccable Finds.5

Impeccable Finds.6

So who wants to create one in New Hampshire. We’re in!


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