a picture is worth it.

At Impeccable Nest, we want to “be the change we want to see.” We want to empower not only ourselves but all women- especially women entrepreneurs.

One really big way we can all do this. Is to be there for each other. Yes- just by showing up you are supporting us. We draw inspiration from your sisterhood, “way to go girl, you CAN be everything you want to be.” We all get perspective and gratitude from each other.

Together we rise.

Don’t get dragged down by jealousy, envy, or the belief that it is a ‘dog eat dog’ world. It is a lie. Don’t believe it. Once we all stop listening to those voices of fear and doubt – the world changes.

Any who…we want to send a shout out to our friend and fellow girl boss Kristin Hardwick. We attended her Grand Opening of her photography studio last week. Her beautiful and welcoming studio is in the Bagshaw Building (another awesome girl boss owns this building/business by the way) at 1 Pine Street Extension in Nashua, NH.

Make an appointment today for your professional photo, wedding, graduation…honestly whatever your needs or whatever you want to commemorate in photo, she is amazing.
Truly amazing spirit.

Cheers Kristin!

A Picture Is Worth It.1

A Picture Is Worth It.2

A Picture Is Worth It.3

A Picture Is Worth It.4

We totally dig this art installation she did for her Grand Opening.
Such a honor to be a member of her tribe.
That’s impeccable.

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