A Day in the Life

What does a “Day in the Life of Impeccable Nest” look like?

Inquiring minds want to know…

A Day in the Life of Impeccable Nest

When you own your own business you wear many hats. As mothers we wear many hats. How do we do it all?

Are there any tips or secrets to success?

Probably not.

One thing that we always find interesting is learning what a typical day looks like for people we admire.  How do they meet all of their demands? Keep business running? Manage their design work, blogging, even side hustles while being a mother…and partner too!

How DO we all divide our time and manage it all.

Honestly, there are many days that we feel like complete failures. nothing is getting attention and we are struggling to keep afloat. But then there are days when we are giddy with satisfaction and want to pinch ourselves to be sure all of this wonderfulness is real. Did we really create all of this? WOW! We are amazeballs.

Anywho, it helps to maintain a schedule. Most days run pretty close to this and some don’t. Flexibility is the greatest reason for owning your own business.
So remember, you are the bossgirl so make your schedule work for you.

Here is what a day in the life of Impeccable Nest looks like:

5am– Husband up and out to gym then work
6am– Girls up and join me in bed (if they aren’t already there)
6:30-7am– Breakfast and coffee (lots of coffee)
7am-9am- Kitchen clean up, laundry, and light cleaning. get everyone dressed.
9am-12pm- Greet nanny…oops nope. Head to home office/playroom to begin work day. check e-mails and get back to everyone we need to and create to-do list for the day, work on daily blog posts, design work, client meetings, schedule/have meetings, run errands, take girls to dance/art/horseback riding/playtime.

All of these activities are tag teamed with my business partner and mother otherwise I would just be throwing Cheerios out on the floor to get work done. And maybe somedays that is exactly what we do.

12pm-Lunch for I-Nest tribe. Although most of the time lunch is on the run.
12:30-1pm- Quiet time for the littles, hopefully this means a nap. Not saying if this is us or them.
1pm-5pm- Back at it as above.
5pm- Make dinner
5:30- Bathtime
6pm- Husband arrives, we eat.
6:30-7pm-World News Tonight. You can set your watch by this.
7pm- Story time then off to bed for the girls.
7:30-8:30- Pure Barre for my mother and I (this is our hour of agony and bliss)
9pm-10pm-Real Housewives or whatever else we are currently binge watching. This would count as quality time with husband unless one or both of us has fallen asleep.
1am- Wake from the couch and stagger off to bed.

Did we mention that the best part is the flexibility.

Yes, we can take half days and get those things like massages, pedicures, trips to the park/beach/float in the pool, whatever we need to keep us all sane and happy. This sustains us. It is as important as our work.

Areas for improvement:

1. Get that nanny.

Well maybe not but maybe employees to help manage some errands and daily tasks so that we can focus on the design work and growing family. Homeschooling is a possibility so this will be something that will need to be addressed.

2. Entertaining.

We used to love to throw parties, Nowadays we are just too tired.

3. Social media and cell phone obsession.

We need to be better about putting away our phones after hours.

4. Time management.

Ok we admit when you only have yourself to coach and oversee we can waste precious time. Is there an app for that?

4. Work on weekends.

It is really difficult to define work and play which in most cases is fantastic. That’s why we love what we do. Yet sometimes we should turn it off and just chill with the rest of society and find other outlets.

5. Date nights.

If you thought my husband really thinks Real Housewives is how he wants to spend his evening with me, well it is not. It’s pretty pathetic and we are just plain tired by the end of our week but we do need to make more time for each other. As we are still in the deep end of parenting,  we imagine it will get better.

We know we can better. Although it will probably get a bit more strained with a third child due at the end of April.

But all in all we are doing OK and sometimes OK is good enough.

We hope this snapshot of our business day is helpful.
We would love to find out how you all get it all done too. Let us know.
We would love to hear from you.

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