5 things Friday: how to survive winter blues


Winter Blues.

It’s hit hard this year and early, usually its not until February and this year with the extreme cold this December, we are like “how do you function in this weather?” Not sure about you but we are wondering how in the heck will we survive three months of

One of the ways to help us all cope, are our 5 things.

5 things Friday: how to survive winter blues

We’ve been knee deep in some kitchen renovations and one of our go to faucets has been this Delta Single-handle Pull down Kitchen faucet in champagne bronze.


5 things Friday: how to survive winter blues

We recently used this mirror in a bathroom renovation and we loved it for its strong design quality and it’s functionality. It’s made of sturdy metal and it has a shelf that is just so practical. We chose this large vertical rectangle one to go over a double vanity but it also comes in a smaller size for a single sink mirror.

5 things Friday: how to survive winter blues

Don’t laugh, but this is what we got everyone this year for Christmas. yup, hand soap. We have a lot of new bathrooms happening in our lives that why not splurge and get some really beautiful even medicinal looking bathroom toiletries. Don’t look at your soaps, cleansers, and shampoos just as necessities, look at them like accessorizing your space. Look good, feel better. Oh and here is a tip. You can always just refill them with whatever you usually buy at the supermarket.

5 things Friday: how to survive winter blues

Have you been trying to figure out how in the heck can you wear your favorite ripped jeans in this freaking cold weather? Everyone has those jeans that they want to wear year round and for us, they happened to be ripped. And maybe they are the only ones that fit us good too. Don’t shove them in the summer storage! Just add leggings. Awwww, don’t leggings solve everything. If you want to go a bit dressy, don’t those lace tights look super sexy. Design hubby might pass out if he came home to this.

5 things Friday: how to survive winter blues

Last but certainly not least, the ramen bowl. Or as we refer to it, Chinese chicken soup. It’s spicy, warm, luscious, and oh so satisfying. We have been going to the ramen cart at Whole Foods. It’s at the point that we think we need to start making it ourselves. Here is a ramen recipe that we just tried on Sunday and it was pretty good. If you have a favorite recipe, we would love to try it. Otherwise, if you want to find us, we will be at Whole Foods between the hours of 11am to 2pm getting our ramen fix

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