5 things Friday: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just a little more than a week away!


Do you have that special something ready for your special someone.

We love the idea of giving something that is both stylish and yet reminds you of the person who bought it and gives you a sweet reminder how much you are loved when you see it, wear it, or use it.

Here are 5 things we love this Valentine’s.


  1. Comme des Garcons always comes to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day. I mean, hello, how can it not. Aren’t hearts perfect?5 things Friday: Valentine's Day

2. John Derian is also a go to for gift items and sweet trinkets. It’s too late to order this5 things Friday: Valentine's Day
But here are some other lovely John Derian pieces that sweetly say “I love you”

3. Art is such a thoughtful gift. Hanging in a special spot or for all to see, it is a lovely reminder of your love. And lasts so much longer than flowers. This one below is from Artfully Walls.
5 things Friday: Valentine's Day
4. You know how we are always telling you to get books. Books are essential to a room design…and well, the soul. Here is a book to fill out together as a couple. Learn about yourself and about each other…maybe pass it down to your children? And look what a beautiful shade of red it is. It would look great in any room. Love it!
5 things Friday: Valentine's Day 5 things Friday: Valentine's Day
5. OK this last one isn’t really Valentine-y. We just like it. And besides it is a limited edition from the Gap and we thought you know about it. Or unless someone was wondering what to get us.
We’re not that lovely dovey type anyway. So this bomber jacket suits us perfectly.


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