5 Things Friday: Spring break Ideas

It’s Friday and it’s officially Spring!

To say it was tough to return to cold New England after two weeks in sunny, warm California is putting it politely.

It sucked!

We had visions and high expectations that when we returned home. We thought we would be turning the page on snow. Especially since we packed up all of our winter clothes, filled our closet with spring things, so when we returned, we would be wearing all of our colorful fun fashions! However, it was like Spring was the football in Lucy’s hands and we were poor Charlie Brown!


Here’s hoping our Friday 5 will help us all get ready to greet the new season…whenever it decides to actually show up. If you see a California influence, say Palm Springs specifically, we are still so crushing on our visit recent visit there. Can you say, future winter retreat?

1. We’ve got umbrellas on our mind, not the ones for rain, oh, no, we are done with inclement weather. We are talking sunny outdoor patio umbrellas. It just may be because all of our outdoor furniture is in dire need of a refresh but this darling from Serena and Lily are so adorable. And this from Target no less. Or it is the lack of Vitamin C and D talking. Who cares, we are loving them all.

Exterior shot of white house with pool and blue and patio furniture with blue and white striped umbrellas

2. As long as we are getting the outside refreshed, we have a front gravel patio that needs some seating. We’ve been moving our backyard chairs into the front and vice versa…its been a pain. We were going with the classic adirondack chair look, but we saw these at Serena and Lily and thought, WoW! how sweet! And since we are on the topic of outdoor seating, how about this, or this, or always love thistwo wicker chairs on a pebble patio

3. Thanks to our fellow girl boss and branding strategist, Kristin Hardwick, social media pods and all of these conference we have attended lately, we have been quite focused on our brand. What is our niche? Why would someone hire Impeccable Nest? And frankly that answer is wallpaper. If you can’t do wallpaper, then we probably aren’t for you. I mean look at this, and this, and this. To us, a room without wallpaper just isn’t fully dressed. Just look at this bedroom design from Chango and Co., sure it would be fine without the wallpaper but you gotta agree that the wallpaper elevates it to that next level. Dare we say, perfection? Wallpaper it’s our jam. Our special sauce as they say in the branding biz. See Kristin, we are paying attention. Bedrrom with orange and white wallpaper , art work, rug, and stools at end of bed. Bed, stools, and wallpaper from Serena and Lily

4. Since we just left Palm Springs we can’t not put up a post without a shout out to the fabulous hotel scene there. We stayed at the Saguaro, it was cool, and our conference was there. But this one, this one, and this one, for sure are on the list for future trips. Unless we just make a bigger commitment, vacation home anyone?  P.S. we love you. Interior shot of one of the rooms at Parker Palm Springs

Get the Parker Palm Springs Look:

5. Finally we saved the best thing for last, at least for all of our prescription eyewear dependent followers. If you love chic, cool, even outrageous eyewear, yet who can afford the budget breaking price tag that comes along with them, especially when you need to make them into prescription. Well, my four-eyed peeps, we DID learn a fabulous secret from a fabulous designer who had the most fabulous eyewear (we became BFFs while at the Design Bloggers Conference). We’re talking Iris Apfel quality! And since you have all been so good while we were away, we’ll share.

Listen up.

Go to Marshall’s , Home Goods, TJMaxx, whatever discount store you prefer and find their collection of discounted sunglasses. They all usually have really cool ones even if they’re last season. And sunglasses are always much hipper and bigger than regular glasses. Take them to Walmart and have them put in a prescription lens. Even if you get their best lens quality (that is our recommendation) they are so reasonably priced you could see your way to purchase a new pair for every day of the week! If these don’t get you into the Spring break spirit, we’re not sure what will!

Here are just a few that we think would make truly groovy eyewear. I mean, if you have to wear glasses, you might as well make a statement. If you haven’t had the chance to check out our fashion icons over 60 post, please do so, you’ll find many of them wear rockin’ eyewear.


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