5 Things Friday: some bunny wants these!

Some bunny wants these.

Yes, you’re going to want these for your Easter or passover gathering. Or whatever, really…We are so non-denominational here. We just love a reason to gather at home with family and friends, and enjoy Spring.

I mean, who doesn’t love a reason to get dressed, cook and eat a good meal, decorate eggs and baskets, hide and hunt for them. You know, laugh and celebrate with the ones you love.

That’s Easter at our house.

Here are some “things” to make it all pretty darn special.  With some links to great products where we get a small commish.

1. Thanks to a friend (Thanks Christina!), we just discovered the greatest website:

Seriously, she turned us on to Comino Couture! These are couture quality dresses. But the best thing about them, is that they don’t break the bank! Look at this, this, this, and this. You’ll be ready for the catwalk. MEOW! Oh and don’t worry, your little Miss can be ready for the Easter parade too. This is just too adorable. Oh my and this!  We’ve included a few dresses that fit the bill, and don’t break the budget too.5 Things Friday: some bunny wants these!

2. If you love to hide and hunt eggs like we do, here are some great ways to decorate:

Look at  this one. Or This one. By now, you are probably loving Lovely Indeed as much as we do, right? Here is one more fun way to decorate eggs. We’re probably gonna make the marbled ones here because some bunnies heard us talking about shaving cream and that’s all


5 Things Friday: some bunny wants these!



3. If you decorate all those eggs from the great DIYs above, you’re gonna need some killer deviled egg recipes:

Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? Ok, probably folks who don’t like eggs. But if you like eggs, you are going to LOVE deviled eggs. Try this one. And this one. OH my goodness this one. One year we made 6 different deviled egg recipes and voted on the favorite. Oh, and games are always a hit in our house.


5 Things Friday: some bunny wants these!



4. Looking for that perfect Spring bag? Well you are in luck! Straw bags are everywhere this season:

We’re crushing on this. And this. And we can’t wait to sling this over our shoulder too. All of these would go so well with these that we haven’t stopped dreaming about since we left California. Here are some more ways to shop the look below:




5. You’ve got your dress, eggs, bag, even sandals…now you just need some flowers.

It just would not be a Spring celebration without flowers. If you remember, we’ve already given you the biggest trade secret of all a few posts ago, so today we’re going to give you another great plant idea. A kokedama would make a lovely Easter/Passover hostess gift, especially if you made it yourself.  Check out this DIY we did a few years ago.


5 Things Friday: some bunny wants these!

Here’s hoping that some bunny will make your weekend special!  We know that the bunny will be working overtime here at our house!  And if you need a spring pick me up, check out how we can help.

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