5 Ways to Update Your Entry Way

Who doesn’t want to have a great entry way into their house?

Entry way

We dream of having a grand entry into our home, but let’s face it, most people don’t have the space, but what we can do is create an inviting entry. And how do we do that?

Always enter with style.

Really! It’s that simple, so we’ve rounded up five of our favorite was to update your entry.


Use wallpaper, paint, hang amazing artwork that makes a huge impact when you first walk into your home. Find something that will make you and your guests smile.

Entry way


What do you need? A rug for dirty feet and definition, plus its a high traffic area. Where are you going to put your shoes? What about a mirror? Are you ready for your close up? Coats? Umbrellas? Where are they all going to go?

Entry Way


This is a perfect place to add an amazing light fixture overhead, or on the walls. Remember this is the first look into your home that your guests will get. Here, we’ve considered adding more light to the exterior of our entry way, which makes a big statement!

Entry Way


Add some pillows, throws, or upholstery on a chair. Why a chair? Well, a soft place to put your shoes on is perfect, if you have the space. This makes people feel welcomed, and creates an inviting space to have a sit.

Entry Way


What are all the other details that could really make this space special…a bowl or a tray to collect loose change and your keys. A clock to do a time check, and finally a tree or bouquet of flowers really are the little things that make this area come to life.

Entry Way

Your entry way sets the tone…

Just think of this as a simple way to say, Hello! As you welcome people into your home. Here are things we love to add to our entry, and you may too!

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