30 Things To Do While We Self-Distance/Self-Quarantine

Self-Distancing. We can’t believe that we really just wrote that sentence. It all seems a bit surreal, right?


Either way, real or not, we’ve been staying put and self-distancing due to our fears of taxing an already stressed system, we also have a sick kid this week. We have officially been given the word that school is remote for *at least* the next week, although they have candidly acknowledged it will be longer. And, we also have an elderly person living with us too, so you know, better to be safe.

While all of that is true, the real question is: what can we do (to stay sane and not bored) while we are self-distancing?

Giving Back

Well, here’s a list we’ve started…there’s 30 things here, but we are MOST definitely adding more as we navigate these waters.

  1. Read a book…or more! I don’t really take the time to read much these days, AND there are a pile of books next to my bed. I plan on doing this. First up, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.
  2. Watch a movie. We watched Little Women last night, Kim saw Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and it’s the perfect time to see Frozen II for the millionth time, right?
  3. Go for a walk. Easy, simple.
  4. Workout. I know that I get a lot of nervous energy, and just downloaded the “Sweat” app. Looks like a good time to get into some good habits?
  5. Meditate.
  6. Have a dance party. I’ve been making lots of playlists lately to keep my favorite songs in one place, so this seems like a natural thing to do with the kids. Lizzo is super fun.
  7. Do a puzzle. This is a great way to spend time.
  8. Play cards. I happen to enjoy 500 rummy.
  9. Board games. My kids are *just* getting to the age where they like this…and follow most of the rules.
  10. Cook. Try a new cookbook.
  11. Bake. Kids love to bake! We just made lemon-poppyseed muffins yesterday.
  12. Clean out the fridge. This is one of my favorite things to do. Try to create meals surrounding what we have left in the fridge/pantry.
  13. Set the table! Make it a fancy dinner night.
  14. Make a photo album. We love ordering ours from Chatbooks. Use this link to make one for yourself, and finally download photos from your phone!
  15. Get organized! This is a multi-tiered, level process. Follow our instastories for this one. Or you should join the Grid+Glam paper clutter challenge this month! It’s free!
  16. Clean out your closet! This is my favorite…we just did our master bedroom closet, but now let’s move on to the kids rooms! And if you live in an area where you have winter, time to swap all of that stuff out!
  17. Join Poshmark. I just did, and I can’t wait to sell off some of those things I didn’t wear, or just don’t want anymore.
  18. Listen to a podcast!
  19. Watch a new series. I’m looking at you Poldark.
  20. Be creative. We love crafts. The kids are into finger knitting, embroidery, painting and anything that requires play dough.
  21. Garden.
  22. Do some “self-care.”
  23. Create a spring, summer, fall bucket list! Or create a vision board.
  24. Clean.
  25. Make a house to do list. We are ALWAYS working on that.
  26. Online shopping…I trust we will do a lot of that. JCrew has 30% off. H&M has more markdowns.
  27. Take a family nap.
  28. “Shop you’re home.” Restyle what you have. Think about your home a little differently. Serena & Lily has a 20% off spring sale…just sayin.
  29. Reconnect with friends and family. Take a little time to call someone.
  30. Write thank you notes. Perhaps one of my favorite things…and I’ll have the kids write some too.

Yes, we are limiting our contact with people, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use this time as a little reset. It is so important to listen to the scientists and doctors, but also, not stress the system. We understand that time time of uncertainty is limiting, let it be an important reminder to love ourselves, our family and our homes a little more.

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